3 Ways to Interact with High Peak on Facebook

facebook high peak church page

Our church has a social media presence primarily on Facebook. People can interact with our church in three ways on the site. Here’s how…

High Peak Baptist Church Facebook Page

high peak Facebook page

The public can find our High Peak Baptist Church Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/HighPeakChurch. You’ll find any news posts, links to sermon podcasts, and videos of our Sunday services. Sometimes we post other videos too.

Learn more about our church using the info posted there. You can find…

  • Our location on High Peak Road in Valdese, North Carolina.
  • You’ll learn about our worship service times on Sunday and Wednesday.
  • See photos of events like all of our holiday events.

You’ll see other things, but we’ll share those below. The best way to contact our church is through this page using the Facebook Messenger link found there. Notice it in the image above, below the photo, and to the right of our church name.

Video of Weekly Worship Services Plus Links to Sermon Podcasts

Our church streams live on Facebook using the Facebook streaming service. Honestly, it’s not the most professional-looking stream, but it does the job. We intend it for shut-ins, people out of town, members unable to attend due to illness or work, and people interested in the flavor of our mostly traditional worship services.

The most recent video shows up on the feed on the right side of the page. Scroll down, and you’ll see it. Click to open the video and watch. Make comments and share them with friends or family.

how to find videos on high peak church Facebook page

If you can’t find a specific video, then click on the More drop-down menu item just below the word Church near the top of the page. You’ll see a list. Choose Videos on the list.

Join our Private Facebook Group if You’re a Member or Regular Attendee

We have a private Facebook group for our church that we limit to members, family members of members, and other people who have some tie to the church. If you’re attending but haven’t joined, we’ll include you.

Why do we limit the group? People post prayer requests that they may not want to go public. Also, we sometimes post information about upcoming events that we’re not ready to announce. It’s like a place for our church to hang out online just for our church family.

If you meet the above classification, head to our Group page and request membership. You’ll be asked a few questions, and a moderator will approve your membership.

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