7 Ways to Read the Bible in 2012

Dusty Bible

My sermon this Sunday was about reading the Bible in 2012 and suggested seven ways to read the Bible this year. It will change your life as Hebrews 4:12 suggests. Here are those six ways:

  1. Listen to the Bible – I recommend Max McLean’s great Audio Bible
  2. Follow a systematic Bible reading plan using the links to the rich on our web site or a Bible app on your smartphone
  3. Devotional books
  4. The One Year Bible arranges the Bible into 365 readings with OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs in each day’s reading
  5. Pick a book of the Bible and read it till finished then pick another book
  6. Follow the readings in your Sunday School lesson book
  7. Receive a daily verse via Test Message – you only get a verse a day, but its better than never reading anything

However, you choose to do so, read the Bible. It will change your life!

Dusty Bible
Will you be reading your Bible in 2012?

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