Baptism Takes Us to the Peak

chirs berry baptism

Baptisms have a wonderful effect on a church and the three people we ushered into the family of God this weekend did just that for High Peak Baptist Church. Chris Berry, Celia Dellinger and her father Cheyenne Dellinger were baptized during our first ever Baptism Celebration at the Peak!

Chris Berry

chirs berry baptism
Pastor Kevin Purcell baptizes Chris Berry

The first person we baptized was Chris Berry. He was a member of our church and baptized as a young child, but he said he only did it because his brother did it. Older Brother Felix has long been a leader in our youth group and preached this year’s youth Sunday sermon. Chris kind of spent time in his older brother’s shadow.

During our recent youth mission trip, Chris showed as a real asset helping lead the children in VBS and helping his brother as God did a miracle by saving a man from drowning in the water and then hearing the Gospel and praying to accept Christ. As God worked in Chris, we came home and enjoyed our own VBS.

On Wednesday night after VBS Chris rode home with his mother, Tonya Berry. The two talked about the night and Chris told her that he was unsure about his salvation. Later he told our pastor that he was pretty sure he wasn’t saved. She did the right thing and suggested that Chris pray right then to receive Jesus as his savior.

chris berry after baptism
An example of the joy of being baptized.

Since, Chris has shown his passion and zeal for showing the Glory of God in his life by his talk, walk and attitude. As he begins a new year at Draughn High School, he begins with a mission to help his friends know about the love of Jesus.

Cheyenne Dellinger

Last week, after the Sunday worship service, Cheyenne Dellinger asked our pastor to talk to him after the service. Cheyenne shared some of his struggles and the Lord got hold of his heart. Cheyenne asked Christ to come into his life by forgiving him of his sins and Cheyenne promised to do his best to obey Christ and honor Him.

Instantly, the power of God’s love over took Cheyenne. Some of the challenges he faced still exist, but he knows he has some help and will get through with God’s glory and support.

Celia Dellinger

One way God blessed Cheyenne’s commitment to the Lord was with Cheyenne’s daughter, Celia. She began to ask some questions about salvation and Baptism. We saw her trust Christ in VBS a few years ago, but she never followed through with baptism. Seeing her father’s excitement may have helped her understand the need to trust the Lord and obey His call to be baptized. She made that choice during a powerful, Spirit-filled worship service this week at High Peak and we baptized her that night!

We’re excited about these three new lives in God’s kingdom and ask you to pray for them. We also want to enjoy more Baptism Celebrations very soon!

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