High Peak Candidates Forum Stream

We are working on being able to stream the High Peak Candidates Forum live on our web site Thursday Night at 6:30 PM. We will start streaming, if we can make it work, at about 6:15 and go until the forum is concluded. The forum is now over! It was a great success.

All Candidates Will Attend Forum

See below the updated list of candidates attending our forum on October 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm.  All eight will be there.  Originally we thought that there were nine but Creag Hanson is no longer running for the school board. So all of the candidates will be there. If you want to submit suggested questions, … [Read more…]

UPDATE: ALL Eight Candidates Respond

UPDATED: Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight of the Candidates for our High Peak Candidates Forum have agreed to attend. UPDATED AGAIN: I just learned via email that Creag Hanson is no longer running for the school board position.  So we now have all the candidates committed to attending!! If you have a question … [Read more…]

Highlights @ High Peak for 9-20-09

This is going to be a shorter than usual Highlights (or maybe more accurately, just less pretty) because I have to rush out to make a couple of funeral visitations.  Pray for Steve Hice’s family who will be celebrating the life of his grandfather today and grandmother on Monday.  Also pray for Shannon King’s family … [Read more…]

Our Friday Night Movie this Week!

We forgot to publicize this because I was recovering from being away for a week.  But here is this week’s movie for our Outdoor Friday Night Movie.  It begins at 9 PM.  Bring a chair, a friend and some goodies to eat/drink.