35 Questions About Heaven

In my sermons on Revelation 4 for Sunday, March 1, I reference an article by Peter Kreeft in which he answers 35 questions bout heaven.  For those interested in the article, here is the link. The scene in Revelation 4 as depicted by Pat Marvenko SmithClick the Picture for more!

Word About Business at High Peak

Today, in a business meeting, we voted to do some renovations in our building’s Sunday School space.  First, we will be having it painted.  The hallways will be painted the same color that the main floor hallways behind the sanctuary is painted.  The individual classrooms will be painted various colors as per the preferences of … [Read more…]

Sermon: A House of Prayer

This is my latest sermon preached January 11, 2009 at High Peak Baptist Church on Mark 11:15-19 entitled A House of Prayer.  All sermons at High Peak are encoded as MP3 files. This is the first of a four part sermon series.  The others are coming soon.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the members and friends of High Peak Baptist Church. What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Lose some weight or spend more time with the kids.  Maybe you’d like to read some great works of fiction or learn a new skill like how to play the mandolin?  But I hope you will … [Read more…]

Right to Life Voter Guide

You can find a voter guide that will tell you in a non-partisan way, what the records and stands of the candidates are in relation to the issue of abortion and right to life.  There is a PDF at the National Right to Life web site.