Word About Business at High Peak

Today, in a business meeting, we voted to do some renovations in our building’s Sunday School space.  First, we will be having it painted.  The hallways will be painted the same color that the main floor hallways behind the sanctuary is painted.  The individual classrooms will be painted various colors as per the preferences of … [Read more…]

Sermon: A House of Prayer

This is my latest sermon preached January 11, 2009 at High Peak Baptist Church on Mark 11:15-19 entitled A House of Prayer.  All sermons at High Peak are encoded as MP3 files. This is the first of a four part sermon series.  The others are coming soon.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the members and friends of High Peak Baptist Church. What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Lose some weight or spend more time with the kids.  Maybe you’d like to read some great works of fiction or learn a new skill like how to play the mandolin?  But I hope you will … [Read more…]

Right to Life Voter Guide

You can find a voter guide that will tell you in a non-partisan way, what the records and stands of the candidates are in relation to the issue of abortion and right to life.  There is a PDF at the National Right to Life web site.


Our Fall Revival will be in conjunction with the Old Paths Camp Meeting held at Walker Road Baptist Church starting October 19 and going through Wednesday October 22. The speaker will be Alan Carr. There will be no activities at High Peak on that Sunday and Wednesday. To get there take Exit 103 on I-40 … [Read more…]


Next Sunday is our Homecoming Celebration.  We will have Rev. Jimmy Lambert with us to offer a message and we will enjoy a fellowship dinner after the Sunday Morning service.  There will be no Sunday Night services or activities that day.

Best English Translation

Sometimes church members ask me what is the best translation to use.  For a short answer I like the Holman Christian Standard Bible for readability and understanding and the English Standard Version for study and accuracy.  The King James is good if you like to read your favorite passages in the version you most often … [Read more…]


A new movie called Fireproof is coming out on Sept. 26.  Right now it is only scheduled to be shown in Hickory, but I’d like to see it in Morganton as well.  It is a movie by the creators of Facing the Giants.  You can watch the trailer for the film below.  Also contact the … [Read more…]