Messages from Mayberry

Just as Jesus used parables, preachers use stories.  Starting on Sunday Nights next week (July 13th) we will be enjoying the series "Messages from Mayberry", a four part series on lessons learned from Andy, Barney, Aunt Bea and Opey. At the start of each message we will watch a favorite episode of the Any Griffith … [Read more…]

Pray for the President

This week we celebrate our independence and the birth of our nation.  One of the key leaders in this country is of course the President of the United States.  There is a web site devoted to inspiring people to pray for him.  It is called The Presidential Prayer Team. You can view weekly prayer requests … [Read more…]

Saturday Movie Night

Don’t forget our Saturday Night Movie Night. At 8:30 pm we will show an outdoor movie. We have a big inflatable screen on which me will show the movie just like the drive-in. The film is a family friendly movie. Bring goon snacks.

Our Wednesday Night Psalm

This past Wednesday night we discussed how the Psalms help us pray, especially when we are struggling to come up with the words to say to God.  We can read the Psalms and they give us words to say.  But we can also write a Psalm.  The steps to do so are as follows: 1. … [Read more…]


Philippians 3:20“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,” Brought to you by Copyright (C) NIV. All Rights Reserved. As we look at an election year it is very easy to get overly focused on our country and forget that we are first citizens … [Read more…]

Who’s This Pretty Lady

  VBS2008-2, originally uploaded by highpeakchurch. Vacation Bible School is now over and we had a great week. This picture was taken before we started one night as the kitchen crew got things set up. If you want to see a few other pictures, click it. Just to let you know we averaged 119 each … [Read more…]

Jonah Historicity

This is for all who attend the Tuesday Night session of the Adult VBS class.  The following link is to a site that talks about the historicity of Jonah. Jonah true? Also look at Christian Answers for their entry about Jonah. Christian Answers I have not doubt that Jonah’s story is historical.  I also have … [Read more…]

Vacation Bible School for Adults

Each night of Adult VBS we will be dealing with stories about faith.  The water theme comes from our VBS.  The five stories demonstrate how God has taught us to be people who live by faith. The stories for each night are as follows: Sunday – Noah’s Flood.  Water both saved Noah’s life and was … [Read more…]

GO Team Day

Today is GO Team Day. If you want to help us reach out and are willing to give God 90 minutes a month, then join us at church at 6:30 PM on the 4th Thursday for the O Team.  That is today!  You can choose to make phone calls, write letters, or make visits.

Online Bible Software Suite

Want to study the Bible but don’t want to buy expensive software or download a large program and install it?  Well, I just found a web site that will let you do online bible research called Bible Software Tools, published by  These have been available for quite some time.  You will find links to … [Read more…]

Are We Getting Smaller or Bigger?

Recent reports say that for the first time our denomination is actually getting smaller.  The truth was that we have been a lot smaller than we are.  (See this article quoting Southeastern President Danny Aiken) What I mean is that despite the fact that the SBC claims more than 16 million members, we are far smaller than … [Read more…]