Free Coffee and Donuts for Voters

Today is election day.  For all voters and poll workers we are providing free coffee and donuts.  We are not currying favor for a candidate – just showing the love of Jesus.  So instead of a cup of cold water in Jesus name, how about a cup of hot coffee and a Krispy Kreme donut? … [Read more…]

Operation Inasmuch Results

1,000 churches!  60,000 believers. All united to serve God and expand His kingdom by loving the “least of these” in our communities in NC.  The Biblical Recorder reports a huge effort.  Read for yourself.

What Does Real Revival Look Like: See Jena, LA

Want to know what a real Revival looks like?  Look no further than Jena, LA. You’ve been to them and so have I.  The typical four day, Sunday through Wednesday, planned Revival meeting.  A guest speaker is brought it along with some special musicians to sing extra songs.  Some add things like dinners before or … [Read more…]

The O Team Did Great!

I just wanted to let the church know how excited and proud I am of the O team.  Our G.O. Teams started tonight with the second of our two teams making calls, writing letters, and making visits to encourage and show the love of Christ to member and prospects alike.  The O Team went and … [Read more…]

"Expelled" Released Today

Ben Stein, yes that Ben Stein from the Comedy Central game show and from the film Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, has narrated a new movie called Expelled.  It is a documentary about the subject of Intelligent Design.  It has become quite controversial as it blows the doors off one of the least talked about scandals … [Read more…]

Operation Inasmuch

Jesus told his disciples a parable in Matthew 25 about a king who said to his servants that they had fed him when he was hungry and gave him a drink when he was thirst; they had given him hospitality when he was a stranger and clothes when he was naked; they visited him when … [Read more…]

Major Site Redesign

You will notice that our site looks very different. Thanks to a site redesign we have some great new features that I want to make you aware of. Notice the new look and feel.  It is clean and consistent throughout. You can search the sight using the search box at the very top of the … [Read more…]

Update On Website

Let me apologize if you are one of the few who saw the objectionable content that found its way onto our web site. They were in the forum under Pastor’s Sermons. Some outsiders joined our site and posted this content. NONE OF IT was posted by anyone who has anything to do with our church. … [Read more…]