Revelation Sermons

Here are the next two sermons in the series on Revelation… This is from Revelation 6-7 and is about the opening of the seven seals at the end of which the people who survive the ordeal ask, “Who can stand in the face of such judgment?” The answer is given in chapter 7 where God … [Read more…]

Passover Seder

We will be doing a full Passover Meal on Sunday, April 5th at 5:00 PM.  This is the meal the Jesus and His disciples celebrated when Christ instituted the Lord’ Supper.  We had a small demonstration of it when Dr. Rich Freeman was here from Chosen People Ministries.  But this time we will be doing … [Read more…]

Invite Your Friends and Family

A recent study done by Lifeway Christian Resources, the publishers of our Sunday School material, found that the majority of Americans would rather be invited to church by a family or friend than some other method.  The survey asked who they would rather be invited and 63% said a family member.  56% said they’d rather … [Read more…]

Revelation 4

This Sunday I will be preaching on Revelation 4.  This beautiful image is an artistic rendering of the scene described.  I thought I’d post it to get you thinking.  Click the reference link above to read and even study the chapter.

Sermon: Worship

This is the last sermon in my four part sermon series on a strong, healthy church.  It is entitled Worship and talks about how we can worship God all the time, not just when we are together on Sundays or Wednesdays.

Sermon: Fellowship

This sermon is about Fellowship.  We as Christians need one another and fellowship is how we support and work with and protect one another as we become more like Christ.  This sermon was preached on January 25 as part of a four part series. The first two were about prayer and evangelism.  The last one … [Read more…]

Sermon: What Will It Take?

Here is the second message in a four part series about the foundation of a healthy, growing church.  The first was about being a House of Prayer.  This one is about being an evangelistic church called What Will It Take?  It asks what does it take to get the attention of a lost and dying … [Read more…]

Christmas Programs This Sunday

Remember this Sunday our Christmas Programs will be presented. First, during the AM worship service at 11:00 the children will present their Program which is a neat story about a janitor cleaning up around a church as the congregation prepares for Christmas decorating their tree. The adults will present their Cantata, which follows Anna and … [Read more…]

Top 10 Favorite Hymns at High Peak

Here are the Top Ten Favorite Hymns as selected by the members of High Peak Baptist Church.  They are in order from most to least favorite along with their hymn numbers from the 1991 Baptist Hymnal. 1. Amazing Grace – 330 2. Tie – Nothing But the Blood – 135 3. Tie – Because He … [Read more…]