Christmas Music at High Peak

Christmas music

Everyone loves Christmas music. At least most do, even if there are a few Scrooges out there that don’t. That may be harsh. Can we at least agree that every believer loves the Jesus about whom we’re singing Carols? Let’s go with that.

This year we’re going all in with Christmas music at High Peak. Here are two great events for people who love Christmas music or who love the Christ about whom we’re singing.

Christmas music
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Christmas Sing Along

Our children’s group will sponsor a Christmas sing along on Sunday night, December 16 at 5:00 p.m. with plenty of favorites. In fact they’re your favorites. Our members picked them by voting in the weeks leading up till Christmas.

We’ll meet in the Sanctuary and sing songs together. It’s like the modern version of gathering around the piano and having a night of Carol singing. We’ll throw in a few fun songs too. Plan to sit in the front of the sanctuary since the kids said they wanted everyone sitting close together.

Christmas Program

Sunday morning December 23 during our regular worship service we’ll enjoy our Christmas program. This year everyone will come together to perform one program with children, youth and adults all involved.

We have the choir singing a few songs, plus our ladies ensemble, Charis, singing. Add a few solos and a men’s quartet singing for the first time together.

Christmas Candlelight Communion Service

Christmas candlelight communion
Gadini / Pixabay

Sunday night on the 23rd we’ll enjoy our annual Christmas Candlelight Communion service. We’ll have some more of our favorite Carols. And we’ll have a candlelit service as we take the Lord’s Supper together.

After the service we’ll hand out the Christmas Pokes. That’s not someone thrusting their index finger into your side causing bruising. It’s the old-fashioned term for a Christmas treat bag.

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