Concrete and Cranes: Vacation Bible School 2021

vacation bible school 2021 concretes and cranes

Vacation Bible School 2021 at High Peak Baptist Church starts September 1 with the theme Concrete and Cranes. The motto for the week teaches students that we find our foundation in Jesus Christ alone.

Jesus! Our Strong Foundation! Motto for High Peak's Concrete and Cranes Vacation Bible Sschool 2021.
Jesus! Our Strong Foundation! The motto for High Peak’s Concrete and Cranes Vacation Bible School 2021.

Watch the theme video below for our Vacation Bible School 2021 at High Peak:

Schedule for Vacation Bible School 2021 with New Dates

Each night we will start at 6:30. The children will start in the auditorium for an opening session and then dismiss to their classes. Other parts of VBS will include crafts, music, recreation, and the Bible study focusing on the theme, Jesus! Our Strong Foundation! At the end of each night, the children will gather in the auditorium for some fun and singing. Parents can pick up their kids at 8:00. Please come inside to pick up your kids.

The week begins on Wednesday, September 1, and goes weekly through Wednesday, September 22. The classes take place each Wednesday and our final celebration event takes place on Sunday morning September 26.

Note that this is a change from our original plan. We originally planned to start on August 2 but postponed it to September 1. That’s the first Wednesday of September.

concretes and cranes philippians 1;6
Building your life on one strong foundation: Jesus Christ!

Adult Vacation Bible School 2021

Daily Bible Passages for Adult VBS 2021

The adult class will meet in the fellowship hall at 7 PM each Wednesday in the month of September. We will cover the same subjects the kids will cover. Notice those passages above.

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