Files For High Peak

Permission Slips

All activities sponsored by our church that involved taking children away from our Church property, must have a permission slip filled out for that event.  This is done for insurance purposes.  The slip can be downloaded here.  Fill it out and return it before the event.  There is a Word version and an Acrobat PDF version.  There are two slips per sheet.  Only fill out one per family.

Annual Medical Release Forms

For any overnight tip or one that involves driving more than 30 minutes away from our property, the medical release form must be filled out.  Once it is filled out, it is good for one year form the date it is filled out unless any of the information changes.  There is a Word version of this form and an Acrobat PDF version.


If you want to download pictures of events that happen at  High Peak, then go to our pictures page at Flickr.

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