Easter Celebrations: Holy Week Communion & Resurrection Day


We’re looking forward to Easter at High Peak. While we won’t offer all the traditional celebration activities with our children or youth, we plan to have two special celebrations. One will take place the week before Easter on Wednesday night. The other will celebrate Resurrection Day on Easter Sunday morning.

Image by James Chan from Pixabay

Easter Holy Week Communion Service

On Wednesday nights, we study the previous week’s adult Sunday School lesson. But on the Wednesday before Easter, we will add a communion service and some special music. This takes place on March 31.

Our music ministry plans to have a Men’s Quartet and other Easter and crucifixion-themed music.

easter communion
Image by Dadion Gomez from Pixabay

Then we will serve communion in the same way we typically do during our Christmas worship. Families are invited to come and sit together. You can also join together with your friends. At the prescribed time, your group can come forward together to take communion safely.

Easter Resurrection Sunday Celebration

Easter lands on April 4 this year. That day we will still hold an 11:00 a.m. worship service. Come and invite your friends and family. Easter is a day when people will often attend a worship service even if they won’t the rest of the year. Take advantage of that and invite people to join you.

What should you expect if you’re not a regular attendee at High Peak?

Casual Dress – First, we’re a casual church. Some like to dress up, but others wear casual, comfortable clothes. You can do either and you’ll feel comfortable with a lot of other people looking the same.

Traditional Music – We sing hymns and use screens to display the words. We also have hymn books for those who prefer them. Our musicians sing a wide range of musical styles, from old-fashioned songs to contemporary music. We also have Southern Gospel thrown in there.

Biblical Preaching – Expect to hear a sermon with a foundation in the Bible. The sermons often focus on a single passage with occasional use of others. Add some stories, videos, pictures, and other creative elements to make the sermons more interesting for attendees.

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