George Patton Guest Speaker Sunday Night

On Sunday night we will welcome Rev. George Patton, a modern-day St. Paul who travels all over the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus. A recent Morganton News Herald article talked about the some of the things he’s seen and done. We’ll get to hear about them this Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. when he will share during our evening worship service.

george patton

Patton is a man of God and has a great story. He’s been through a bit, but didn’t let any of that stop him from being a vessel for the Holy Spirit.

In the newspaper article linked above he talks about exhibits of things he’s collected on his journeys. He’ll share those with us too.

Come and hear about his mission and the tour through Europe which included 14 countries earlier this year. He can do all of this by the grace of God and by love offerings from Christians. If you want to support him, you can do so. Check out his Facebook Page entitled GWCWordMission.

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