Guest Speaker to Kick Off Missions Emphasis

Sunday Night Nov. 25 we will have a special guest speaker to kick off our missions emphasis for the Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions. Lisa Gibson is with Peace and Prosperity Alliance a Christian an organization that seeks to bridge the gap between the 1st and 3rd world countries to promote peace. She will share her testimony as a family member of a victim of fundamentalist terrorism. Her brother Kenny was killed in the plane that exploded over Lockerbie Scotland when a Libyan Terrorist detonated a bomb on board. She has witnessed to Khadafi and has a lot of contacts in Libya today. She’s also our pastor’s cousin. Come hear her share about her ministry through Skype.

Lisa gibson
Lisa Gibson (center) pictured with Libyan women.

The following shows Lisa being interviewed on CNN. The video includes an interview with Khadafi and then she comes on after the two minute mark.


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