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The North Carolina Baptist Men are actively involved in the Haiti recovery effort. I received an email directed to all churches from our state Baptist Men leader, Richard Brunson.  Here is the content of that email:


NCBM Medical teams are serving in Haiti, assisting a local burn clinic, children’s hospital and community hospital. A team of 7 (Team 1) arrived on January 15 by flying first to Santo Domingo, then taking a bus into Haiti. They began their work on Jan. 15 by assisting the burn clinic. On Jan. 17 they were able to support the hospital staff of Petionville Community Hospital, a 50 bed hospital seeing approximately 250 patients each day.

  • Medical Team 2 arrived on Jan. 20, a team of 13 – some from US, some from Hungary. They continued the work started by Team 1 by supporting the work of the hospital and staff.
  • Medical Team 3 had 14 people on it, including surgeons and additional medical professionals to assist with the many medical needs.
  • Medical Team 4 has 17 people on it and continues to assist at the clinic and hospitals. They are seeing hundreds of people every day.
  • Medical Teams 5 has 24 team members and leaves on Thursday, February 4 for Haiti. Teams 6, 7 and 8 are all medical teams and are currently being recruited. If you are interested click on the “volunteer now” tab and let us know of your skills.
    Please pray for the teams as they provide assistance for the medical needs.

NCBM sees this as a long-term ministry. We will be sending many volunteers (especially construction), however, we do not have a timetable established at this time. If you are interested in going please click on the “volunteer now” tab below.

We are collecting items for distribution at this time. Click on the “What can your church do” tab below for more information. The biggest need is for money for building materials. For $2,300 you can provide funds to build a house for a family. For approximately $12,000 you can provide funds to build a small church. We are also collecting “Buckets of Hope“. 

Scott and Janet Daughtry arrived in Haiti on February 2 and are serving as our long term coordinators in Haiti.

We will continue to gather information from the team and clinic.
Please check back for updates or follow us on:



Thank you, In Christ,

Richard Brunson

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