High Peak Candidates Forum

Last night at High Peak Church we hosted what I believe will be the final Candidates forum in a closely watched race for the Burke County School Board.  We advertised that all eight candidates would be attending.  Unfortunately, Tracy Norman was unable to attend due to injuries from a car accident on Saturday.  She did contact us before the forum but, unfortunately, we were so busy setting up that we answer the telephone.  My apologies to Ms. Norman for not getting that word out last night. Our prayers go out to her for a speedy recovery.

The other seven candidates answered a series of questions from our church, members of the public, and me.  I think all of the candidates presented themselves well.  My wife and I agreed that all of them seemed to be decent, honest people who care a lot about the schools in Burke County.  While we may have our preferences, I do not think, after last night, that we have anything to worry about going forward.

The Morganton News Herald was on hand to cover the event.  You can read about it this morning in the paper or online.  We also streamed it live over this site. We hoped to record it so people could see it after the fact.  Unfortunately, that was not possible.

A big thanks go to the News Herald for helping us get the word out, to the 7 candidates who were able to attend, the people of Burke County who were there or watched live on the Internet, and mostly to the members of High Peak Baptist Church.  Especially I want to thank the tech crew and our people who were on hand to keep people safe and informed about things like restrooms, etc.  I am blessed to serve the greatest people who like to do great things for a Greater God!

Already, people are talking about “next time.” I don’t know if that will happen, but we will see.


  1. Dear Dr. Purcell,

    Thanks so much to you and your parishioners for the hard work last night. Your forum was warm and yet very professional. I thought the questions were great – they seemed to be based on concerns that most folks in the county have, and they were well presented. Your technology is remarkable, too.

    Again, thanks for providing the such a great service to the county.

    Catherine Thomas

  2. Dr. Purcell.
    My thanks to you and your church for hosting a candidate forum last night. One of the questions had to do with church – school partnership. This is a good example of how churches can partnership with community issues. Thank you again for taking ‘the lead’ and showing it can be done.
    Peggy Lowman

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