Highlights for 1st Week of October

Mens’ Retreat

Please pray for the 9 men who will be attending the Men’s Retreat at South Mountain Baptist Camp this weekend (Fri & Sat). Pray that God will use this to draw us all closer to him and our brothers in Christ.


October 24th is the day of our One Day Renewal Celebration with Rev. Delton Deas. He has a very exciting and interesting testimony. We will enjoy a time of fellowship on Saturday Night for all church leaders (All ordained deacons, Sunday School teachers, Children and Youth Group leaders, Organization Leaders, etc) where he will talk to us about church life. Then during Sunday morning Sunday School all the adult and youth classes are asked to join us in the Fellowship Hall for another time of teaching as he does a Soul Winning Workshop. He will then preach Sunday morning and evening. On Monday he will be with the Ministers of our association to speak with them at 10:30 at the CRBA Office. Pray now for this event.

High Attendance Sunday

That same day we will have High Attendance Day. If we reach our goal, you will get to enjoy a unique blend of talent with a mystery trio of men singing to you during the Sunday Night worship service. So plan now to attend yourself, get your friends and neighbors and family members excited about coming. And invite people from work. The key is to look for people who are not in church already.

Deacon Ordination

Sunday morning, October 10th is a special day as we ordain Scooter Farley and Michael Roberts as deacons in our church. Plan to attend and show your support during the AM worship service.

Kirksey Funeral Home Cater Supper For High Peak

On Wed, October 27th Kirksey Funeral Home is catering supper for our church. They offered to supply the whole meal so I took them up on the offer. They will also talk to us about end of life concerns. I will share a devotional about the subject. You can then ask questions. The meal will start at 6:00, but like many of our weekday meals, you can come right up till 6:40 and still get a plate. So arrive when you are able to come and enjoy this meal and get some information directly from people who know about these issues.


Nov. 6 is KidzRock. This is a time of worship for our children and those from other churches in our area. If you can help out, sign up on the sheets at the front of the auditorium. We need a lot of help for this.

Church Council Meeting

The church council needs to plan out the rest of the church year into January. If you have dates already set, please email me them ASAP. I will produce a calendar to send out to the church by the 10th of October. If we could then meet that night for a few minutes after midweek service at about 8:00 we could then deal with any conflicting dates and put Christmas activities on the calendar.

Coming This Fall

Halloween Outreach – Oct. 31 starting at dark

Community Thanksgiving Service – Nov. 23 at Pleasant View Baptist Church, next to the CRAB Office on HWY 70 at 7 PM. There will be a community choir.

International Missions Study – Nov. 28 with a meal and guest missionary from Malta to speak via Skype

Be looking for other Holiday plans soon

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