Highlights @ High Peak for 9-20-09

This is going to be a shorter than usual Highlights (or maybe more accurately, just less pretty) because I have to rush out to make a couple of funeral visitations.  Pray for Steve Hice’s family who will be celebrating the life of his grandfather today and grandmother on Monday.  Also pray for Shannon King’s family as they will do the same today for his grandfather.

Getting ready for Sunday, we will continue looking at the book of Revelation.  To get a little head start, reading chapter 17-18 and ask yourself this.  Who is the Great Harlot talking about.  Some say it is Israel.  Others say it is Rome.  Others have suggested more wildly the Catholic Church or even the US.  I have my opinion.  Come find out if it is one of these or another option.  The most important thing to remember is what Revelation 18:4 says,  “Come out form her …”

As we continue with our Sunday Nigh Prayer and Praise, come again.  We had a great kick off service.  I really enjoyed it.  This week I especially want to ask our youth and children to be there.  You’ll find out why Sunday night at 6:00 PM.

Remember that Homecoming is coming in October.  Make plans now to invite old friends and family back to to High Peak for this service as we celebrate our church’s birthday with a worship service led by former Pastor John Revis.  We will also have a great meal afterwards and then no evening service that night.

One last thing …
Pray for our deacons as they help lead our church. I met with them last Wednesday night regarding some important things going on in our church, some future plans and some changes that will I think benefit our church, but might also cause some to question.  This has to do with our Prayer Room and Church library.  We want to move forward with what I think most people agree.  The church could benefit from a room dedicated to prayer.  But while we do that we don’t want to ignore the past contributions of some special people as well as the recent hard work that  many others have put into these things.  Pray for …
1. Wisdom
2. Peace
3. A Great Future as we become a church that both disciples its members with the resources of our library and a church that is known as a House of Prayer for all people.

God bless you,
Kevin Purcell

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