Highlights @ High Peak for This Week

Highlights @ High Peak

Fifth Quarter

Tonight will be Fifth Quarter for our youth. The youth have enjoyed these Friday fellowships and devotional times starting at 9:00 and going till 11:30. They enjoy some fun with volleyball, games, and just hanging out. There’s snacks and a devotion led by our youth. The kids leading the devotions do a great job and obviously put some care and thought into them, learning alot.Highlights @ High Peak

Bring your friends if you’re a youth. Drop off your teenagers if you’re a parent. And get word out. We’re having big crowds.

Joint Worship Service and Choral Performance

The last Sunday Night of this month our choir will join with choirs from some area churches to perform a patriotic choral contata to remind us of the joy of living in this great nation as we go to the polls in November. Please plan to be here and invite your friends. It won’t be a political event, but a worship time. However, hopefully it will inspire you to go and vote in this important election.

Bringing Jesus into the Voting Booth

This Sunday I will preach on this topic from Phil 2:3-4. Read that chapter and pray about the vote.

Halloween Trick or Trunk Outreach

On Halloween Night we will have a Trick or Trunk fellowship as we try to reach out to our community. See Mandy Hice or Marie Pendley to find out how you can help. Some of us will decorate our cars and let the kids come through our parking lot to receive candy. We’ll give out Bibles and fliers about our church. We also have a great time so plan to attend with your family and friends, especially those who don’t attend church. We need help getting word out about it as well.

Thrive Team to Meet

I’d like to hold a Thrive Team meeting on Wed Oct. 24 after service. If any of the Thrive Team cannot make it, please let me know as soon as you can.

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