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Highlights @ High Peak for Week of September 13, 2009



Since I send out the highlights every (or close to every) Friday, this is being typed on 9-11, a date that will not be soon forgotten in this country.  In the Purcell family it was always a significant date; it is my sisterís birthday.  It is amazing how a date can suddenly become so significant to so many people, when previously it was just another day.  For most people, that day was not that important.  For me and my family it has been for years.  Now when you ask people, ďWhatís 9-11?Ē instead of thinking of calling for emergency help they will think of that fateful day.

How many of you think of special days like that? All of us.  6-12.  Thatís when I got married.  4-15.   For most thatís tax day, but for us its my sonís birthday.  3-23 is our other sonís birthday.  8-4.  Meaningless?  Not to me.  It is the date I was saved. 9-13.  Meaningless? Maybe.  But my hope is that for someone this Sunday, September 13, 2009 will become a significant watershed kind of day.  My prayer is that someone will come to High Peak Baptist Church and hear a Sunday School lesson or sermon that will change their life and afterlife forever.  Will you help that happen?  Invite someone to church with you.  Offer to pick them up or at least meet them out front before Sunday School.  Ask them out to lunch afterwards.  Make this a special and significant day for someone you know and love.  And let us all pray for those Divine appointments.  If the information in this article ( is true, we never know how much time we have left to get the word out. By the way the article is very sobering.  But for those of us who know where our eternal destiny lies, it is less so.

This Sunday may mean something to you.  Have you ever felt God was being unfair with you?  The truth is God is potentially unfair to everyone.  Heís been unfair to me.  Come find out how and why.

Bug Spraying

Not exactly the subject you want to talk about, but we will be entering into a bug spraying service at the church.  So we need your help.  By September 17, if you have things on the floor of the classrooms, other than furniture or large cabinets, we need to get them up so that the sprayers can get around them.  This will help make our church building much more enjoyable to be in, so help us out.

Sunday Night Prayer & Praise

It starts this week.  Our Sunday night worship service will be transformed into something that I hope will be very meaningful for you.  We will begin with a time of praise both musically and by testimony and prayer.  Then we will transition into a time of cleansing prayer and a time of praying for one anotherís needs.  And if you are in need of something, this is the time and place to come and have us pray for your them.  Then we will hear from Godís word as I share a devotion, bible study or sermon.  And then we will leave you praising God again.

In the coming weeks expect a time of prayer for healing, small group prayer time and praying for the sick and the lost.  Many times when a church starts to pray more, people attend less.  But I think this will be the opposite at High Peak.  I think we want to be and can be a praying church.  So come prove the experts wrong and letís celebrate what God has and is going to do in our church and in our lives.

See You At the Pole

Every year there is an effort to get our young people to gather with other Christian kids at their schools for See You At the Pole, a time of prayer before school.  The date this year is September 23rd.  Get to school a little early and join in.


Our church will celebrate itís birthday on October 4th during our morning worship time.  We will have regular schedule of activities that day, but the service will be special as we have a former pastor coming back to preach.  Rev. John Revis will be with us that day.  Then following the service we will have a meal in our fellowship hall.  As  usual there will be no evening worship that night.


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