Homecoming is Coming and So is Home Going

On the first Sunday of October we’ll celebrate Homecoming at High Peak Baptist Church. That’s an important week in our church’s calendar since that’s the day we look back at where God’s taken us with a view of looking forward to where He may take us.

Home Going

I’m starting a new series leading up to our Homecoming celebration, since I finished our series through the book of 1 Corinthians. I’m calling the series Home Going: A Peak Behind the Doors of Heaven. It’s all about what’s heaven really like.

The series kicks off this week with a look back at Revelation, a passage many of our Sunday School classes studied recently. Read Rev. 14 to take a look at the passage. Does that look boring?

Think about this: what do you expect heaven to be like? Have you ever heard people say they thought heaven would seem boring? Clouds with harps all day?

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