How to Follow Sermons on Bible App

We started using the Bible app from YouVersion and The app lets users read their Bible on a smartphone or a tablet. If you own an Android (sometimes called a Droid), iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry or some other smartphone, then you can download the Bible app. Find the link on the app’s home page.

bible appOnce someone downloads the app and installs it on their phone, they can launch it by tapping on the icon, either on their phone or tablet’s home screen or in the list of apps on the phone (on Android it is called the app drawer).

The app will open and in the upper left corner you’ll see a menu icon with three parallel lines.

bible app home

Tap on it to reveal the menu column along the left hand side of the screen. Find the Live icon. It’s blue and is about midway down the list.

bible app menu

Tap it to show the screen where you can search for groups. If this Sunday or Wednesday’s service event is published, it will show up. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to turn on GPS location-based settings in the phone’s settings or search by entering our church name and tapping the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

bible app live groups

This will list churches in the area that use the app. Find High Peak’s event from the list and tap it.

bible app live event

The screen will show some notes, scripture, links to pages that relate to sermon content and maybe even things like videos or polls. You can also submit answers to the questions and prayer requests.

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