Hurricane Florence Relief: How to Help

hurricane florence relief

If you want to get involved in the Hurricane Florence relief effort through our Baptist Disaster Relief, then read on. People can always pray, but they can give or go as well. Here’s how to get involved in the relief effort.

Hurricane Florence: A Wet and Slow Storm

hurricane florence relief

Last week at this time, it looked like Florence would hit land somewhere north or south of the border between North and South Carolina. Some prognosticators said it would hit as a category 4 or maybe even 5 storm. Thankfully, it didn’t. Instead it came ashore as only a category one hurricane, meaning the storm churned with 90 mph winds. That’s relatively minor as hurricane’s go. However, it was recorded as the wettest storm to hit the Carolinas ever. Then it stalled out and crawled along at tortious pace. Eventually it dissipated and moved along and as of today the rest of the storm is showering spots north of here.

Because of the slow and wet nature of the storm, the flooding was and will be intense. In fact as waters flow downstream from our region in the mountains, it will hit the coast over the next coupe of days. I remember Hurricane Floyd, a similarly weak storm that pummeled Eastern North Carolina with days of rain. It killed a lot of livestock flooded thousands of homes and businesses and churches. Expect the same from this storm. That’s why our neighbors to the east need our help.

How You Can Help

hurricane florience relief website

People who want to can help with Hurricane Florence relief in three ways.

  1. Pray. Pray for the victims who are probably dealing with things that feel like the end of their world. Pray for relief professionals who are rescuing people and restoring services and roads. Pray for volunteers who are showing the love of Jesus by feeding people, helping with clean up, washing clothes and offering showers to the professional relief workers.
  2. Go. You can go and help. Our Baptist Disaster Relief needs able-bodied people who can help feed people. They will also need trained professionals to do what’s called recovery. This includes cleaning out homes, taking walls down to the frame and then rebuilding and painting. They’ll also need people to do odd jobs.
  3. Give. The easiest thing to do is give. They will need funds to pay for food, fuel, building supplies and cleaning supplies.

If you want to go or give, then head over to the North Carolina Baptist’s page dedicated to Hurricane Florence relief. To get involved click the link labeled VOLUNTEER NOW or to give click the links labeled GIVE NOW or IN-KIND. In-kind donations include things like canned goods, hygiene items, baby products, cleaning supplies and building materials. NO CLOTHING!!


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