Invite Your Friends and Family

A recent study done by Lifeway Christian Resources, the publishers of our Sunday School material, found that the majority of Americans would rather be invited to church by a family or friend than some other method.  The survey asked who they would rather be invited and 63% said a family member.  56% said they’d rather have a friend invite them.  Less than half said they would be open to other forms like advertising or a pastor’s invitation.

So, here are some things you can invite your family and friends to enjoy.


We will be showing the movie Fireproof this Sunday night following a fellowship dinner.  Bring a friend, some food to share, and enjoy the movie.


Passover Meal

On Palm Sunday we will have a Passover Seder, which is a meal that Jesus and his disciples enjoyed the night before he was arrested and crucified.  This will be at 5 PM also.

Easter Services

Sunday morning of Easter we will have a sunrise service at 8:00 followed by a continental breakfast.  Sunday School is of course at 9:45 and worship at 11:00.  This will be a great time to invite friends.  If you haven’t already, get an invitation from the altar in the church sanctuary.

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