Is the Church Essential? Podcast Returns

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Our church began hosting in-person indoor worship services and our pastor preached the first of a three-part sermon series. It’s now live on our Sermons at High Peak Podcast feed, which you can subscribe to in various places. You can listen to the weekly sermon on your chosen podcast player whenever you prefer. You can also share it with someone who didn’t join us at our weekly worship gathering.

In-person Worship Starts Up Again

Delores sang at our first in-person indoor worship service.

Our new sermon series asks a question, which people have pondered during the Covid-19 pandemic and shut-down.

Is the church essential or not.

Governors ordered church worship services closed. Of course we know that the true makeup of the church means you can’t close the church. We are the church wherever we go. However, disallowing worship gatherings indoors and in-person limited a primary part of our community of believers – fellowship around the worship of our Creator. We’re used to meeting and greeting one another in our building during our worship services and Sunday School classes. All of that halted in March 2020.

Now, because of a court ruling, the governor of North Carolina can no longer order limit church worship services to only 10 or fewer attendees. High Peak started gathering with our Wednesday night worship time on May 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Only a handful joined us in-person, but many more streamed the service online. We continued meeting on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and gathered with about 50 people. Many more watched on Facebook Live or watched the recording later. Now you can also listen to the sermon via our Sermons at High Peak Podcast.

Is the Church Essential? Sermons at High Peak Podcast

Since we started back this past week, our tech crew once again easily record the worship service audio. That means creating an episode of Sermons at High Peak Podcast was possible.

Our first of a three-part series on Hebrews 10:19-25 answered the question for believers. The church should remain essential to every believer regardless of what our governor says.

You can listen to the Sermons at High Peak Podcast using the player below.

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To subscribe, just use your phone or tablet if you prefer to listen via one of the above apps or your computer. Tap or click on the link above and add the feed to your podcast player.

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