LoveLoud Valdese Elementary

High Peak Baptist Church looks forward to feeding the faculty and staff of Valdese Elementary School on Tuesday, August 21. The team at the school returns on Monday the 20th. We’ll be at the school at noon to feed everyone to show our love and appreciation for their hard work in educated the children of the Valdese and Rutherford College areas. Many of the children in our High Peak Baptist Church family attend Valdese. We also have a teacher working there.

We’ll share an enjoyable Chick-fil-A lunch with the staff and give away thank you gifts to those present.

If you want to help feed the teachers and staff, please contact the pastor. If you’re a Valdese Tiger who will be working that day, let us know you saw this post. And to our members, pray that God uses this to make the people of Valdese Elementary feel loved by our High Peak family.

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