Missionary Dennis Conner at High Peak Sun 6 PM

Dennis Conner

Come hear missionary Dennis Conner, a church planter in Arizona, but originally from North Carolina. He will speak in the Sunday Night worship service.

Dennis Conner
Dennis Conner with his beloved vehicle

Dennis and I met one another at the Greensboro Southern Baptist Convention. He stuck up a conversation withe me and we’ve been partners in the ministry ever since. I pray regularly for his work and I know he prays for us here at High Peak. I’m glad to finally invite him to come speak to us since he was already going to be in North Carolina.

You can meet a real live missionary at 6 PM Sunday, September 18th. And if you want to join us for something to eat afterward, I’m guessing we’ll be going out for a bite!

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  1. I need to contact Dennis Connor. I am a teacher of 3 – 5 year old children for Mission Friends. We studied about Dennis Connor’s church planting for our Christmas in August program. Would you please forward this email to him. Thank you
    Joy Cheese

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