More Sermons from Revelation

Continuing the series on the book of Revelation, here are the next five sermons.  I got a little behind in posting them, so here they are all in one post.

This first one is part one of two parts on chapter four, which is John’s vision of the throne room of heaven.  He sees a door and behind that door is the throne of God.  The message is about heaven and what it is like as it relates to our being with God.


The next message is part two of chapter four about God.  We look at the same passage only focusing this time on God instead of heaven in general.  The goal is to paint a picture of how God is described in this passage.


Chapter 5 of Revelation introduces the scroll and its seven seals.  But no one is worthy to open it.  In this message I ask, “What if Jesus’ death was the end of the story; what if there was no resurrection?”


I will post the next two in another post.  For now, enjoy these.  And if you ever would like to talk to me about them, send me an email.

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