Next Thrive Team Meeting

Thrive Team Meeting

Our next Thrive Team Meeting will be Wednesday, September 21 after a special time of Prayer and Devotion for Thrive and our church.

Thrive Team MeetingThe goal of our Thrive Team is to help our church Thrive Again! in the Acts 2 model where the church was devoted to the practices of the church and resulted in powerful growth in their relationships with Jesus Christ, their number, the kinds of ministry they were doing and the number of churches that eventually were established.

Our team will be going through a few phases:

  1. Learning: what a Biblical church looks like, what kind of community we live in and where we’ve been as a church
  2. Dreaming: what could we become as a church if we transitioned into a Thriving church
  3. Planning: put together some goals and suggested ways for our church to transition into a Thriving church
  4. Sharing: communicating what God taught us and we believe he told us should be the future of our church

Our Thrive Team members are made up of people from all the different age groups of our church, people who have been long time members and very new members, and both men and women. Pray for Thrive! Pray every day during our 30 Days of Prayer which continues for another two weeks.

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