Our Wednesday Night Psalm

This past Wednesday night we discussed how the Psalms help us pray, especially when we are struggling to come up with the words to say to God.  We can read the Psalms and they give us words to say.  But we can also write a Psalm.  The steps to do so are as follows:

1. Think of a situation you are facing and write a statement about that situation as if you were talking to God.

2. Now, you can do one of three things to continue your Psalm.  In Hebrew poetry this is called parallelism.  You create parallel ideas using one of three forms.  1) You can same the same thing just in different words.  2) You can say the opposite.  3) Or you can say a little more about that idea, furthering the thought.

3. Now make another statement, this time using a metaphor or a simile.  For an explanation of what those are, click the words which will take you to another site that explains them.  After you finish with that second statement using a different kind of parallelism.  For example, if you used the same though in the first parallel idea, and contrast (saying the opposite) in the second, then now use a furthering of the idea in the third.

Here is our example that we did in our Wednesday Night group.

People say, ”If you can’t see it how can you believe?"
God says ”Walk by FAITH not by sight!" (Contrasting Parallelism)

Saved people live so others can see it in us.
Their actions show God in them! (Restatement Parallelism)

If others mock us then we are going to pray for them.
We will still be their friend. (Furtherance Parallelism)

I will use the breath He gave me to pray for others and to bless this holy name.
I will never dishonor God because people throw rocks at my window into heaven of faith. (Contrasting Parallelism)

Now you give it a try and send me a copy of what you come up with.

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