35 Questions About Heaven

In my sermons on Revelation 4 for Sunday, March 1, I reference an article by Peter Kreeft in which he answers 35 questions bout heaven.  For those interested in the article, here is the link. The scene in Revelation 4 as depicted by Pat Marvenko SmithClick the Picture for more!

Pray for the Miao People of China

Knowing that so many people in the U.S. are suffering from the economic downturn, and thus are challenged in ways that they never anticipated, I have felt a bit uncomfortable lately in asking for increased prayers for the peoples of East Asia. Yet the reality of lost humanity on a staggering scale continues. Without hearing … [Read more…]

Revelation 4

This Sunday I will be preaching on Revelation 4.  This beautiful image is an artistic rendering of the scene described.  I thought I’d post it to get you thinking.  Click the reference link above to read and even study the chapter.

Word About Business at High Peak

Today, in a business meeting, we voted to do some renovations in our building’s Sunday School space.  First, we will be having it painted.  The hallways will be painted the same color that the main floor hallways behind the sanctuary is painted.  The individual classrooms will be painted various colors as per the preferences of … [Read more…]

Sermon: Worship

This is the last sermon in my four part sermon series on a strong, healthy church.  It is entitled Worship and talks about how we can worship God all the time, not just when we are together on Sundays or Wednesdays.

Don’t Forget …

First, there is the big Brunch tomorrow at 10:30 for the ladies … And then Sunday Night is the big Game after worship, which is at 6 pm.   Bring your snacks and drinks to eat and some to share.  And invite your friends to join you in our fellowship hall after worship.

Sermon: Fellowship

This sermon is about Fellowship.  We as Christians need one another and fellowship is how we support and work with and protect one another as we become more like Christ.  This sermon was preached on January 25 as part of a four part series. The first two were about prayer and evangelism.  The last one … [Read more…]

Sermon: What Will It Take?

Here is the second message in a four part series about the foundation of a healthy, growing church.  The first was about being a House of Prayer.  This one is about being an evangelistic church called What Will It Take?  It asks what does it take to get the attention of a lost and dying … [Read more…]

Getting That Fire Burning

, originally uploaded by highpeakchurch. Wayne works to stoke the fire at the Winter Camping Trip of our Royal Ambassadors. Click the picture to see the other 15 pictures in this set. Also notice that I’ve added a pictures page above.  If you want to upload them, email me a picture or give me a … [Read more…]