Mothers Day at High Peak

Mothers Day!  It is a time to remember, honor, and inspire mothers.  At High Peak we will be celebrating Moms by having a breakfast at 9:00, before  Sunday School.  If you haven’t yet signed up, please let us know by Thursday of this week (May 7th) so we can prepare enough.  The men of the … [Read more…]

Great Revival!

I don’t know if I’ve ever been part of a more exciting and worshipful Revival.  God really blessed us and probably around 10-15 decisions for Christ were made with 6 of them being salvations or public professions of previous private commitments.  We are going to have a Baptism Service this Sunday Night at 6 PM.  … [Read more…]

Revelation Sermons

Here are the next two sermons in the series on Revelation… This is from Revelation 6-7 and is about the opening of the seven seals at the end of which the people who survive the ordeal ask, “Who can stand in the face of such judgment?” The answer is given in chapter 7 where God … [Read more…]

Passover Seder

We will be doing a full Passover Meal on Sunday, April 5th at 5:00 PM.  This is the meal the Jesus and His disciples celebrated when Christ instituted the Lord’ Supper.  We had a small demonstration of it when Dr. Rich Freeman was here from Chosen People Ministries.  But this time we will be doing … [Read more…]

More Sermons from Revelation

Continuing the series on the book of Revelation, here are the next five sermons.  I got a little behind in posting them, so here they are all in one post. This first one is part one of two parts on chapter four, which is John’s vision of the throne room of heaven.  He sees a … [Read more…]

Invite Your Friends and Family

A recent study done by Lifeway Christian Resources, the publishers of our Sunday School material, found that the majority of Americans would rather be invited to church by a family or friend than some other method.  The survey asked who they would rather be invited and 63% said a family member.  56% said they’d rather … [Read more…]

35 Questions About Heaven

In my sermons on Revelation 4 for Sunday, March 1, I reference an article by Peter Kreeft in which he answers 35 questions bout heaven.  For those interested in the article, here is the link. The scene in Revelation 4 as depicted by Pat Marvenko SmithClick the Picture for more!

Pray for the Miao People of China

Knowing that so many people in the U.S. are suffering from the economic downturn, and thus are challenged in ways that they never anticipated, I have felt a bit uncomfortable lately in asking for increased prayers for the peoples of East Asia. Yet the reality of lost humanity on a staggering scale continues. Without hearing … [Read more…]