Pray for the Miao People of China

Knowing that so many people in the U.S. are suffering from the economic downturn, and thus are challenged in ways that they never anticipated, I have felt a bit uncomfortable lately in asking for increased prayers for the peoples of East Asia. Yet the reality of lost humanity on a staggering scale continues. Without hearing of the Father’s love, one billion people of East Asia will one day depart this earth headed for an eternity of separation from the very God who created them and loved them enough to give His own Son to save them!

That is how a blog post begins about the people of East Asia, where our chosen people group the Miao of China live.  We have so much to be thankful despite our economic downturn.  But the greatest is Jesus.  We take for granted that we learned about him growing up, most of us in the Bible Belt.

Young Miao Chinese make crafts like the ones you see in the picture

Remember to pray for the Miao people of China.  Pray …

  • That God will send someone to be a witness to them.
  • That God will find a way for the Gospel to reach them via electronic means if possible
  • That God will be rising up a missionary for them right now.

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