Prayer at the Drexel Fair


People say they believe in reaching out and they believe in prayer. Now it’s time to prove it by participating in Prayer at the Drexel Fair.

Here’s what we’re doing. On Wednesday, August 12 from 6:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. we will man a booth that the Catawba River Baptist Association rented so that churches could do some outreach. Each night a different church will do a craft with any child that wants to come and make a bracelet. They’re simple crafts and won’t take long to make. While the children make the crafts we will talk with their parents asking them for prayer requests. We will promise to gather and pray over the requests that night at the end of the fair.

Come and help us with Prayer at the Drexel Fair

We still need your help. We have a few slots open to help make crafts, but we really need people to help with the most important part of the plan, the prayer requests. We only have a couple of people signed up at this point.

Sign up on the sheet outside the pastor’s office. We need to know if we have enough people by Sunday or else we will have to cancel.

There will be a group of people who will pray at the church for us while we have Prayer at the Drexel Fair. If you physically can’t handle working for 90 minutes at the Drexel Fair then please come that night and pray for those who are working.

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