Prayer Room and Library

Last night our deacons met and discussed and finally approved the official formation of a Prayer Room.  They decided that the current library is in fact the best place for it for the following reasons.

  • It is close the sanctuary and would be easy for people to stop off and pray before service or during service
  • If someone makes a decision during the service it would be easy to get to for counseling and further prayer
  • If someone is praying at the altar and needs extended time of prayer, then a friend or family member or just another concerned member could come forward and ask that person if they would like to go to the prayer room to pray together.

There may be other good reasons.  Previously that room was serving as our library with a lot of very good (and sadly some very outdated) resources.  I am thankful to those who have been working hard to make the library a useful tool.  Sadly, few were actually using it.  So, I asked that the books be moved.  It was suggested that we move them to various locations in the church.  That is what is being done with help from our youth.

At the top of the stairs going down to our basement, there is a bookshelf where some of the best and newest books will be placed.  Stop and look. If you find something of value, then check it out and read it and please return it.  In the children’s area we will be putting children’s books.  Videos will also be distributed based on their content.  We ask that you use the resources and return them.  Many people gave them to our church in memory or honor of someone special. Not using them would be sad.  Not returning them after use would also be very sad.

Once the prayer room is up and running, we will explain some of the great things that it will contain.  Until then, just pray that God will use both our new prayer room and the books from our old library to help grow the people of High Peak!

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