Prayer Walking Our Schools

Don’t forget that Saturday, starting at 10:00 am, we will be prayer walking our schools.  Prayer walking is a ministry where Christians gather and pray for things as they see them.  As they walk around it inspires them to pray together for different things that are noticed as they see the surroundings.

High Peak will be prayer walking in two groups.  One group will go to Drexel Primary School in Drexel.  After they finish prayer walking there, they will be going to Hallyburton Elementary School also in Drexel.  They will be asked to spend about 30 minutes at each school praying.  Then they will travel to meet the other group at the new Draughn High School.

The second group will start by praying for Valdese Elementary School.  After praying there they will travel to Heritage Middle School and pray there.  Finally they will meet the other group at Draughn High School at about 11:30 for prayer as a group.

Finally, after we are finished praying at Draughn, we will return to the church and pray for our County School officials, like Dr. Burleson, the school board, and the county administrators.

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