High Peak Baptist Church exists to honor God, grow in His word and to love others as Christ loves us, as we reach for the peak of God’s glory.

We seek to fulfill this purpose in three ways:

  1. Worship – we honor God in our church worship and by our lives as living examples of God’s glory. We fail but keep trying.
  2. Growing – we grow in His word making disciples in a three-step process of learning about God in His word in worship, small groups and personal study. Then we share those lessons with people and try to help them find their way to a relationship with Jesus.
  3. Caring – we love others as Christ loves us in our fellowship with church members by loving those outside our group by serving people’s needs, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

We hope you’ll join us as we reach for the peak of God’s glory at High Peak Baptist Church.

Reaching for the Peak of God's glory

About our Logo

The High Peak Baptist Church Logo communicates our purpose statement in visual form. The tag line “reaching for the Peak of God’s glory” is seen in the green mountain peaks above the name High Peak. We show two peaks, the shorter is where we are now. The higher is where we hope to reach, the Peak of God’s Glory, meaning the ideal state of every believer perfectly following after Jesus. We won’t reach it in this life, but we do reach for it.

The color of our name and the mountain peaks is green for growth. We grow in the word and hopefully as disciples, in number and joy! Green = growth!

A yellow sun represents the color of glory. The sun’s color reminds us that God is in heaven, a glorious and wonderful place. His majesty deserves out praise and honor no matter where we are, at home, work, in the community or at church. Yellow = Worship!

The purple cross represents that Christ sacrificed his life for us on the cross and took his kingly crown in that moment when he willingly gave up his life. We seek to follow his sacrificial and loving grace as we try to love others like Jesus loves us. Purple = Caring!

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