Sarah’s Choice Playing Friday July 22

Sarah's Choice

The movie Sarah’s Choice is playing Friday July 22 at Jacumin Plaza for free. Our church is hosting the evening. Attend and invite friends. Below is the Trailer.

The story will make you think. It is about a young woman, played by singer Rebecca St. James, who becomes pregnant and has to deal with the decisions women face today.

Hopefully we will see some people who are not in church at this event so that we can invite them. This is one of those events that we need everyone to come and be part of so that our church can show its best. We need you here for this event!

Sarah's Choice

If you want to volunteer to help serve snacks come at 8:30 and see Kristi Farley.

[googleMap name=”Jacumin Plaza” description=”Jacumin Plaza” width=”500″ height=”500″]137 Main Street, Valdese, NC 28690[/googleMap]

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