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Homecoming is Coming and So is Home Going

On the first Sunday of October we’ll celebrate Homecoming at High Peak Baptist Church. That’s an important week in our church [...]

Fearless 2 – Sermon and Special Music from Nov. 4

Gary Poteat sings Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an American” and I preach the second part of a series on 2 Tim 1: [...]

What Do These 4 People Have In Common

Sunday I’m going to preach a sermon about four people. What do these four people have in common. If you want a sneak peak at the video [...]

Shane Epps’ Message

Here is the message Shane Epps preached at High Peak this past Sunday Night. Watch live video from High Peak Baptist Church on Justin.tv Let [...]

Mission & Vision

Why are we here? What is our purpose, mission and what is the vision you have of our future? That’s what I plan to share with you Sund [...]

Praying People

Starting August 8th and going through the beginning of September at High Peak have been emphasizing prayer on our 30 Days of Prayer campaign [...]

This Week’s Worship – Old Fashioned Faith: The Sabbath

Here is this week’s message in the Old Fashioned Faith series. Dennis Hamrick sings special music and the sermon was on The Sabbath. [...]

Worship Service – May 23

Here is the worship service from May 23. [...]

Worship from May 2

Here is our worship service for May 2. I preached the third sermon in my series on Energy from Col. 1:29 (theme verse) and this week’s tex [...]

Worship Service from April 25

This is the worship service from April 25, 2010. Special Music this week was by Deborah Meiners brought special music. [...]

Worship Service Stream

Here is the worship service video for April 18, 2010 I began a new series today called ENERGY based on Colossians 1:29. The choir sang a gre [...]

Last Week’s Worship

Last week Rev. Jesse Head preached in my absence. Here is the worship service. The date is April 11, 2010 [...]
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