Highlights @ High Peak

We are a little more than halfway through the Not a Fan series with study four this Wednesday Night. The Youth finished up already since there’s was a little shorter. I hope you’ve been challenged to examine whether you’re a fan or a follower and began to make the changedContinue Reading

Mother’s Day! This Sunday is the day to honor Mom! At High Peak we will honor our mothers and worship God so I hope all of you will be there. We won’t meet Sunday night so you can spend the day with mom. Purpose Statement The following Sunday our ThriveContinue Reading

mission and vision

Why are we here? What is our purpose, mission and what is the vision you have of our future? That’s what I plan to share with you Sunday as we worship together. This Sunday we begin the process of studying our THRIVE team’s purpose statement for the church. Please planContinue Reading

Thrive Team Meeting

Our next Thrive Team Meeting will be Wednesday, September 21 after a special time of Prayer and Devotion for Thrive and our church. The goal of our Thrive Team is to help our church Thrive Again! in the Acts 2 model where the church was devoted to the practices ofContinue Reading