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This week our THRIVE Team will meet again after the Wednesday Night service. All team members please remember this meeting. We need to move forward and without all of our members present it is difficult to do so.

Our THRIVE team has come up with a proposed Mission Statement for the church. It is as follows:

Our purpose is to
Honor God,
Grow in His Word and
Love as Christ Loves Us
as we
Reach For the Peak
of God’s Glory

What does all of this mean?

It begins with WORSHIP by saying will “HONOR GOD” we are saying that we will bring worship into every part of our lives. You worship God in your personal lives by making choices that honor him and are faithful to his word. That leads us to the second part.

We are to “GROW IN HIS WORD” meaning we want to be about the work of DISCIPLESHIP. Being disciples means to be followers and students of Jesus Christ. We specifically mentioned the WORD. That has a dual meaning – the Word became Flesh, John 1 says. Jesus is the incarnate word of God and we learn about him through the Bible, his word!

Included in the second line is EVANGELISM because we not only want to grow closer to Christ but we want our church to grow larger because we want to see people getting saved. As people grow closer to Jesus they will be a witness and our church will hopefully grow, if God blesses us.

We move on to the third line which says we will “LOVE AS CHRIST LOVES US” meaning we will love our church members by caring for them in FELLOWSHIP and we will share our love with the word through MINISTRY/SERVICE. Loving inside the church is FELLOWSHIP and loving outside the church is MINISTRY or SERVICE.

So this statement includes the five purposes of the church. But it ends with the vision of our church’s future to “REACH FOR THE PEAK OF GOD’S GLORY!” We wanted our statement to be something that relates to who we are as High Peak! We look out our front door and see the peak of a nearby hill. It reminds us that we are to climb higher in all five areas of this statement. We want to grow closer to God in worship, larger in evangelism, more mature in discipleship, closer to one another in fellowship and more useful to our community in ministry. We will reach for the peak meaning it will become our goal/mission/purpose to strive for higher leves of commitment in these five areas. Finally we end with GOD’S GLORY just as we began. We begin and end with honoring and glorifying God!

I hope you will consider this statement. Pray about it. Tell the members of the Thrive team what you think about it. And soon we will schedule a time to vote on it as a church. If you choose to adopt it, then it will become our church’s official mission statement.



Alive 0009 Group 1

Sunday is Palm Sunday and we will celebrate the beginning of Holy Week by having the Lord’s Supper. This is a special time when you are asked to come and reconnect with Christ. If you have not been in a faithful, committed walk with Christ, now is the time to return to him through worshipping him.

On Wednesday after Palm Sunday we will have a special time of reflection and study about what this time means to us.

Finally, for Easter Sunday, we will worship Christ and praise him for his resurrection – the greatest act in human history!

Easter evening will be free. We have no scheduled activities.


Basketball fans, join us for a Final Four party at 5 PM Saturday. This is a bring your own snacks fellowship. You may want to bring a lawn chair if you don’t like sitting on the hard metal chairs in our fellowship hall. Invite friends, especially those who don’t attend church!

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