Two Saints Gone Home

Our church lost two important people in the last 24 hours. The first was Rev. Billie Cline, pastor a number of years ago and then the Interim Pastor just before I came to High Peak. He was a wonderful preacher, evangelist and friend to lost people and saved alike. God loved him and he loved God!

My strongest memories of Billie include the first time I met him when he wowed my youngest son with magic tricks performed with a quarter in the pastor’s study as we awaited the vote by the church on whether they would call me as their pastor. The second was at the rest home when I went to visit. He told me of all the people he witnessed to and how many of those wonderful old saints trusted Jesus thanks to his faithful witness.

God bless you Billie and God be with your family!


Our sister Alma Bryant also went home this morning. Her funeral will take place Friday at 11:00 with visitation first and then the service at Noon following. It will take place at High Peak Baptist Church.

She was so special. Her smile and joy are what I will take with me as I think of her. She had a wonderful spirit and cared about people. She loved her friends here at High Peak and I’m so sorry that she was unable to be with us more in the last few months.

Again, God bless her family especially as they grieve.

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