Vacation Bible School for Adults

Each night of Adult VBS we will be dealing with stories about faith.  The water theme comes from our VBS.  The five stories demonstrate how God has taught us to be people who live by faith.

The stories for each night are as follows:

Sunday – Noah’s Flood.  Water both saved Noah’s life and was God’s means of judgment on a sinful earth.

Monday – Crossing the Jordan.  Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River.  Before they could cross they had to take a step of faith and walk into the water’s edge.  We have to take steps of faith before God blesses.

Tuesday – Jonah.  He ran the wrong way and God used a Whale to both save him from himself and judge him for his sins.  God’s work sometimes is painful but the end result will always be for our best.

Wednesday – Peter Walks on Water.  He took a step of faith but then took his eye off Christ and sunk.

Thursday – Jesus Tells Disciples to Go Out Into the Deep.  He is telling us to do the same as we fish for men.

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