What Does Real Revival Look Like: See Jena, LA

Want to know what a real Revival looks like?  Look no further than Jena, LA.

You’ve been to them and so have I.  The typical four day, Sunday through Map of LaSalle Parish where Jena is Wednesday, planned Revival meeting.  A guest speaker is brought it along with some special musicians to sing extra songs.  Some add things like dinners before or fellowships after the services.  In preparation for them prayer meetings are held either in the church or in the homes or both.  And then we publish fliers and newspaper ads.  All for the result of maybe a few decisions during the Revival, but seldom much more.

Then along comes something special, as is the case in Jena, LA.  The town is best know for the "Jena 6" which were 6 black teens charged with the beating of a white boy named Justin Baker.  Read the Wikipedia article for more about them.  As a result of the racial tensions 20,000 people marched in the sleepy Black leaders organize massive protest little Louisiana town to protest what they believed was lenient treatment of the white students involved in the situation while the black students were treated harshly.

Once again, what Satan intended for evil, God used for good (see Genesis 50:20).  When the Revival was started no one thought it would end up like it did.  Baptist Press has an interesting article that describes how Jena is experiencing a real revival.

My prayer is that I can be part of something like this; I want to see a great outpouring of the Spirit that changes my community in the same way.  The question is how much do I want to see it?  Prayer and personal holiness, I believe, are the beginnings of something like this.

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  1. It’s always amazing to see that the Lord can turn the worst situation around for His glory.

    I agree that in order to see a true revival, we need to all walk in personal holiness, fuelled by prayer – and wouldn’t those be 2 of the things most lacking in the world (in general) today?

    I do believe that the Lord wants to pour out His spirit as never before, to radically change this world and save people from living their lives without Him.

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