Word About Business at High Peak

Today, in a business meeting, we voted to do some renovations in our image building’s Sunday School space.  First, we will be having it painted.  The hallways will be painted the same color that the main floor hallways behind the sanctuary is painted.  The individual classrooms will be painted various colors as per the preferences of the class and their teachers.  Then after that is done carpeting will be laid throughout the basement with a few exceptions.  This is an important project that will help update the look and feel of our Sunday School rooms.

But we now need your help.  If you can help do some cleanup work before the painters work then join us.  Some will be working tomorrow night, that’s Monday night, and others on Tuesday.  From about 6 PM till 8 or so.  The work will not be arduous, but is necessary.

After that, hopefully we will see some work done on the bathrooms downstairs and maybe after that we will build a bowling alley for the pastor’s family.  Just kidding about the bowling alley!

Thanks to the deacons for the hard work on getting the bids and doing some other repairs to get our basement looking better!

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