Youth Mission Trip

The youth took a mission trip to Hendersonville, NC and did work with an organization called Service Works.  They partner churches with people in need.  Usually this is some kind of house repair or light construction duties.  Our youth helped to fix up a family’s home which had been condemned.  This would have resulted in the family being put out and likely homeless.  And now they won’t be.


  1. hey this is ala kiaha i was there at service works and this youth group is so awsome they are kind and caring they rocked and cool to hang-out with!!! thank you high peak youth group for being such great friends with me and skye and everyone it was a blast!!

    See ya’ll next year at service works

    ~Ala Kiaha

  2. Hey, My name is Matt and I went to service works last year too. I’m postive that the youth group will remember me. I went by the name, “The Rev” aka the christian rapper. It was awesome last year and I hope I can go this year again. Anyway, tell the youth group there Hey for me. I’m from Rockingham, N.C. and I go to Abundant Life Church.
    Matt M, The Rev

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